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In the previous blog we reviewed some of the basic colors. The Goodees love colors, especially PePe the Goodee Pig.  Just about everyone has a favorite color. Each of The Goodees have a favorite color, too.  Let’s review the colors again and see if we can identify Wollies’s, Alex’s, PePe’s, and Stuie’s favorite colors. By the way, you can identify your favorite color,too!  Each Goodees character’s favorite color can be found in “The Goodees” book or in each of their “Introduction Blogs”.

What is Alex the Goodee Dog’s scan002 favorite color?

orangegreen red

         Orange                            Green                                 Red


What is  Wollie the Goodee Frog’s goodee pics 011 favorite color?


            Pink                              Yellow                         Blue


What is PePe the Goodee Pig’s goodee pics 004 favorite color?


             Purple                          Orange                             Pink 


What is Stuie the Goodee Bear’s goodee pics 005 favorite color?


             Red                                Blue                            Orange


                                   What is your favorite color?