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T.S.: Hey, Wollie. What are you doing?

goodee pics 011Wollie: I’m just jumping. I love to jump.

T.S.: You don’t say.

goodee pics 011Wollie: Yes, I really like jumping.

T.S.: People like to jump, too. So tell me, why do frogs jump? 

goodee pics 011Wollie: Well, I like to jump because it’s really, really, fun, but frogs mainly jump because it’s a way to protect ourselves from predators that want to eat us. We don’t have big, sharp teeth or claws, so we jump far and high to get away or hide. We also jump to catch our food such as insects.

T.S.: But, I thought pizza was your favorite food?

goodee pics 011Wollie: I do like pizza very much because it’s really, really good and I don’t have to jump to catch it. Why do people jump?

T.S.: We jump to have fun and excercise. Jumping has great benefits to our health. It helps strengthen the muscles in our legs and our lungs. It also helps to burn calories in a fun way. We can jump on a trampoline, on our beds, with a rope,  and even on a pogo stick.

goodee pics 011Wollie: Wow!  That’s awesome, you can jump everywhere and use many things to jump!  We can only use our strong hind legs to jump high, but not every frog has long hind legs to jump. It depends on the type of frog.

 T.S.: How high can you jump, Wollie?

goodee pics 011Wollie: I can jump pretty high, but some frogs can jump over 7 feet in length and as high as 10 feet . It really depends on the type of frog. My dad told me that the longest jump a frog has been recorded to make was a little over 22 feet!! I can’t jump that far, yet.

T.S. : Wow!  Now, that’s pretty impressive. I don’t know many people who could jump that high or that far even with a pogo stick or trampoline. Frogs are just naturally great jumpers and swimmers due to their powerful hind legs and nothing else.


Jump when you see the picture of Wollie the Goodee Frog

scan0002  goodee pics 004  goodee pics 011


Jump when you see the colors red and yellow

yellow green red

Jump when you see a jumping man 


 jump40000 jump3

jump2 jump1

If you haven’t already done so, get up and jump, jump, jump. It’s fun to do and it’s good excersie, too. Your body will thank you for it! See how high you can jump!