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Why The Goodees?

I created The Goodees book to bring foreign language and fun to all young learners through the use of various learning styles in the form of reading.  Yes, education is a very important topic, but it doesn’t have to be delivered in such a ridged adult centered way.  Children should have the opportunity to be active participants in their learning regardless of the subject matter.  But, how much are our children participating in their learning when it comes to the subject of reading? 

Well, visually they are participating because they are able to view the pictures and words within the reading.  And for our visual learners or children that are visually stimulated this is wonderful.  Auditorily children are engaged if they are being read to or if they are reading out loud to themselves so, this covers the auditory participation.  And for auditory learners or children that are auditorily stimulated this is wonderful.   However, there is another area of participatory learning that maybe slightly over looked during the reading process and that’s the kinesthetic participation.

Yes, after the reading has occurred there are opportunities for children to engage in kinesthetic participation by having children raise their hands and answer questions about the reading.  There are also opportunities for children to write about what they have read.  However, what if children could practice more kinesthetic participation outside of writing and raising their hands after the reading?   What if children were asked to use more of their gross motor skills during the reading?  This would greatly appeal to the stimulation of our children that are kinesthetic learners.  By the way, the kinesthetic learners are the children that need to move and learn best by doing.  They are most comfortable being involved in gross motor and fine motor activities such as sports, dancing, drawing, etc.

The great thing about The Goodees book is that it offers something for the young visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner.  So I hope there are some of you out there that will come and take the journey with me as I share this fun, interactive book with various young learners and their families.  So stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!